Video: Mueran Humanos' "Horas Tristes" [ARG]

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Argentina’s avant-garde, post-punk duo Mueran Humanos has just put out a new video. It’s for their song “Horas Tristes” and you need to watch it. The images are mesmerizing, the sounds are eerie, and the beats are sexy. Have you ever danced to the soundtrack of an old, artsy horror movie? The video for “Horas Tristes” is a bit like that, with a pinch of sepia-toned melancholia and some visual experimentations of its own, somewhat reminiscent of those ancient VHS tapes. No wonder Mueran Humanos continues to make it onto our Noche de Brujas lists. Check it out. It looks even better with the lights out.

[insert-video youtube=VXLES5rHxj8]