Video: Mustafa Yoda's "El Hombre Bueno Que Fue Al Infierno" [ARG]

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There was a time, not too long ago, when all rap videos produced in Latin America looked pretty much the same. They all abused the same clichés: they’d purposely choose the ugliest street corner from an otherwise nice neighborhood as location, add some graffiti in the background, maybe a b-boy spinning on a piece of cardboard, a couple of thug-looking dudes posing as the rapper’s entourage, and the rapper dressed in mismatched American sportswear (you know, like a Raiders jersey with a Yankees hat) doing all sorts of random signs with his fingers pointing at the camera. I’m sure you’ve seen this. Fortunately we have outgrown that stage (well, at least some have) and now we can enjoy groundbreaking, original videos that actually match the dopeness of the lyrics and beats.

Argentina’s Mustafa Yoda has been a pioneer in this, since he elevated the bar for everybody with his 2008 epic “El Niño.” One of Argentina’s indisputable new-school leaders and most active hip-hop militants, Mustafa Yoda just outdid himself with his newest video for the single “El Hombre Bueno Que Fue Al Infierno,” off his upcoming fourth album, Tormenta En El Hormiguero. I’m already nominating this for our Best of 2013 video list.

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