Video: Natalia Lafourcade and Alex Ferreira Pen New Song, "Ambrosia" [MEX/DOM]

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Natalia Lafourcade and Alex Ferreira were chosen by The House of Creatives, which has hosted the likes of George Clinton and Dave 1 from Chromeo, to compose a new song from scratch together. The product of that session was recorded on tape and released to the world as “Ambrosia.”

Shot in a fitting, black-and-white palette, the video showcases the amazing musicianship both Lafourcade and Ferreira have demonstrated along their careers. Accompanied by other equally gifted musicians, they composed “Ambrosia,” a ballad about love, lust, loss, and vengeance, disguised as a tango. The song’s vivid sensuality is punctuated by the staccato of the upright bass and Lafourcade’s piano, which is both playful and sorrowful. Ferreira and Lafourcade’s voices embody the very jilted lovers they wrote into the song.

In the video, which features the live performance of the track, Lafourcade and Ferreira have an undeniable musical chemistry that is very hard to come by these days. “Ambrosia”, fully composed in the House of Creatives, is a great way to see and hear the process of creation in action. Like the story in “Ambrosia”, the point was to make something as raw, intimate, strange, conflictive and passionate as the creative process to sound so effortless and flawless that you can’t remember a time when it didn’t exist. It sounds a lot like love, to me.

Check out “Ambrosia” below.

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