Video: Natalia Lafourcade's "Mujer Divina" ft. Adrián Dárgelos (Agustín Lara Cover)

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In 2012, Natalia Lafourcade released an homage album to Mexican maestro Agustín Lara. Mujer Divina. Homenaje a Agustín Lara featured duets with other bosses like Miguel Bosé, Jorge Drexler, Meme from Café Tacvba, and Babasónicos’ Adrián Dárgelos, heard and seen in this just-out video for the title track.

The video flips the song’s concept and eschews the usual gender/heteronormative perspective. Instead of Lovelorn Man quixotically describes his Ideal Woman, we get Budding Teenage Girl-on-Girl Romance, beautifully shot and tastefully done, all in time to get one last-minute “Fuck You, DOMA” in there.

[insert-video youtube=I30mGyTPmmM]

Download Natalia Lafourcade’s Mujer Divina. Homenaje a Agustín Lara below: