Video: Nehuen's "Non Verbal Thinking" [ARG]

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Techno music can be difficult to swallow for some people. It’s a music genre where the tracks are long and static, so the magic is actually in the details with little variations. The music video for Argentinian producer Nehuen‘sNon Verbal Thinking” is a perfect representation of this concept, and a very fitting visual companion. Its creator, Venezuelan artist inkclear, takes us on a high-speed ride inside a never-ending tunnel, while the light at the end of it pulsates to the rhythm of the thumping techno kick drum. Straight lines bend as the song progresses, twisting our perception and giving us the feeling of making turns in the tunnel. There’s only one interruption on the journey, fitting perfectly with the song break in the middle, which is as luminous as the video portrays it. And that’s pretty much it! It’s as simple and hypnotic as the song.

“Non Verbal Thinking” is part of Nehuen’s co-release with Cardopusher, Split 02, out on their own Classicworks imprint. Check out the video below.

[insert-video youtube=wsmnaKq78k4]