Video: Nelumbo's "My Wife" [ARG]

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In Nelumbo, Jorge Estebenet (former guitarist of Nairobi) leaves all Jamaican dub aspirations behind to become a jazz crooner, but the darkness remains.

The all-analog, Anglophone quartet recently released their debut album titled 40ยบ. That’s in Celsius degrees and it’s pretty hot, especially in the concrete jungle of Buenos Aires, where the humidity levels are always high and the temperature rarely goes down at night.

It’s during one of those damp summer nights that the video’s starlet goes out on a stroll through the decadent city’s financial district in search of who knows, somebody, a John, an adventure? She comes back home defeated, empty-handed and eager to take a shower and clean the city off her skin.

Nelumbo “My Wife” from Estamos Felices on Vimeo.