Video: Niña Dioz & Li Saumet's "La Cumbia Prohibida"

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Almost a year ago we posted this song for free download. Now the video has arrived. Bomba Estéreo‘s Li Saumet joins Mexican femcee Niña Dioz and together they deliver recontra power rhymes over a cumbia riddim by Zizek‘s El Remolón and Villa Diamante. A sort of all-stars coalition of international ñu-cumbia. The low-budget collage video, however, leaves the two Argentine producers out of the picture to focus exclusively (naturally) on the explosive combination of the impromptu grrrrl duet. The “forbidden” cumbia song hasn’t lost any power since its inception so it’s a good excuse to revisit it.

[insert-video youtube=hQp7gWDu8i4]