Video: Niño Koi's "El Último Rey de Talamanca" [C.R.]

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When I first interviewed Las Robertas, now over two years ago, they called themselves “the flag carriers” for the music movement in Costa Rica. That interview turned into a “you should listen to THIS band and oh oh oh what about THIS band” back and forth, a bar-set verbal tour through Costa Rica’s indie scene. One of the many bands mentioned in fondness was instrumental-prog-rock outfit, Niño Koi. That was March of 2011, and now, August of 2013, we have the band’s debut video, “El Último Rey de Talamanca.”

Directed by Ignacio Hernández, the video is kind of what I imagine all prog rock videos would look like: lots of dead people and shamans hanging out in swamps. That isn’t a dig, though, considering the video employs its colors beautifully and the drowning shots produce anxiety in a very real way. Congrats on the milestone, guys.

[insert-video vimeo=72013758]