Video: Nitoniko's "Fernando Esteso" ft. Algora [ESP]

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Nitoniko must be made of magic moon dust or something. Every time I see or hear him, I’m convinced he’s floating over the Earth’s surface. He’s just so magnetically campy and ethereal, more so than any other contemporary pop singer around. He’s a damn unicorn that one.

The proof is in the video pudding. Nitoniko recently came out with “Fernando Esteso,” another cut from 2013’s Rayos y Centellas. Directed by Conjunto Vacío, its leotard-heaviness is reminiscent of another pop-tastic video we love, Denver’s “Revista de Gimnasia,” though way less sadistic. Joining Nitoniko is Algora’s Víctor Algora, sitting in as one of the artistic roller skating competition judges—pretty sure it’s considered a conflict of interest to duet with a team’s coach. Just sayin’!

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