Video: Nudozurdo's Acoustic Version of "No Me Toquéis" [ESP]

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The men of Nudozurdo have been Spanish media darlings for quite a while. This is no surprise. Since their first major distribution full-length Sintética came out they’ve been releasing consistently good rock records. And not only that, but they’ve never been afraid to experiment with their sound, mixing a bit of post-punk, new wave, and classic rock guitars. Their music is moody and often dark without overwhelming us. Color me impressed.

Last month the band dropped Acústico, a 10-track collection of, you guessed it, acoustic renditions of some of the best songs in their catalog. The album is quite amazing and, frankly, it’s always nice to see musicians giving their old songs new interpretations. With this in mind, Nudozurdo released their first video off the acoustic sessions, “No me toquéis,” in which the band tinkers with brooding melodies and equally complex vocals.

The video, shot in black and white, shows vocalist Leopoldo Mateos alongside Meta, Josechu Gómez, and Cesar de Mosteyrín during the recording process at Madrid’s Sótano de Dios studios. The intimate setting is fitting for such a deeply personal song. If you’ve ever been remotely interested in what goes on in the studio, or just want to hear an amazing tune with lots of heart, check out “No me toquéis” below.

Download Nudozurdo’s Acústico below: