Video: Nueva Costa's “Amanece” [CHL]

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Marcos Hassan. @Kiddieriot

This Chilean duo gets their psych on with “Amanece,” a hypnotic, reverb-drenched rocker that follows the tradition of ’60s West Coast hippie icons as well as the Velvet Underground in their austerity and use of noise.

“Amanece” is a trippy number with amazing instrumental explorations and great vocals, making this song an acid-dyed, hexagon-shaped gem. The video for the track, however, is not an explosion in Technicolor as one might expect. Rather, it’s shot in black and white and features a girl riding a bicycle to a huge house where Nueva Costa’s two members (Ángelo Santa Cruz and Daniel Bande) are jamming and chillin’ among the foliage.

The band, formed from the ashes of the great TV Gamma, are promoting their album El gran espíritu, which is available in digital and vinyl formats.

[insert-video youtube=oF4QijUQdbA]