Video: Ojete Calor’s “Cuidado con el cyborg (Corre Sarah Connor)” [ESP]

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It would be an understatement to say Madrid duo Ojete Calor are one of the quirkiest, funniest bands coming out of the Spanish music scene. They even invented their own genre-–appropriately called subnopop—for which they compose songs about ultra-pregnant girls and people who really need to leave the party, while still making some social commentary in the process. They just released a greatest hits record, Delayed!, in which you can hear the aforementioned gems. But, right now, we need to talk about the genius that is “Cuidado con el cyborg (Corre Sarah Connor).”

Even if you haven’t seen any of the Terminator movies, I still suggest you watch Fernando Ronchese’s take on the first three films, even though it’s full of spoilers. It stars actor Javier Botet as Sarah Connor, running suspiciously through some alleys and hiding behind walls. Hiding from what? Skynet and the cyborgs! The song, an industrial pop dance fest with grinding, saw-like guitars, has Carlos Ojete and Aníbal Calor dramatically commenting on the travails of the running Sarah. Their gangly dance moves and over-the-top costumes serve to warn Sarah from Skynet, killer cyborgs, and Terminator 2 (not one). They also give running commentary on Linda Hamilton’s performance. According to the band, she was skinnier in the first movie, fatter in the second, and absent in the third, but she still manages to have a candid conversation with Ojete Calor over tea and cookies.

Before you shout out a big fat “WTF!” at your computer screen, do yourself a favor and go watch Ojete Calor and Botet in all of their awkward, insanely hilarious glory. It’s the best PSA about the dangers of technology you will ever see. You can also catch their homonymous single, also out now.

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