Video: Olmeca Raps for Latin American Unity in "Por El Suelo" [USA]

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Less than two months ago, our man Olmeca dropped a video on us titled “Can’t Sleep.” We’re going to assume that’s still the case because the hard-working MC/Producer just dropped a new video on us.

“Por El Suelo” further champions Brown Is Beautiful (also the title of his most recent album) with a dance routine by Bolivian dance troupe Tinkus Wapurys Tiatoco, while Olmeca raps about Latin American unity. Royal Highness, a.k.a. cumbia-trap gods King Louie and Principe Cu, put together a sick beat chopped/screwed from “La Verdolaga” by Totó La Momposina, whose verse influenced the song title.

[insert-video youtube=csqMy7YVW7E]