Video: Onda Vaga's "Tataralí" [ARG]

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Onda Vaga are well known in Argentina for their notable work rescuing forgotten folk rhythms of South America and reshaping them in the form of catchy pop melodies.

In their latest video they went to the country’s north, in the frontiers of Bolivia and Perú, as far as you can be from the sophistication and snobbery of their hometown, Buenos Aires, without leaving the country. There they hooked up with some brave, local, longboard and BMX riders and dressed them up in traditional carnaval outfits as a way to successfully convey in images the magical feel of the song.

Now, we don’t know for sure if this is an actual local trend or a new music video cliché, but we’ve seen a very similar concept in last year’s mind-blowing “Jengibre” by Alika. Either way, it’s totally awesome that Argentine musicians are rediscovering the magic of the country’s northernmost extreme and featuring it in their videos, something that only Soda Stereo did briefly in their early days (minus the extreme sports, of course).

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Photo by Eugenio Mazzinghi

Download Onda Vaga’s Magma Elemental below: