Video: P3culiar's "Menea" ft. Cakes da Killa [USA/MEX]

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This one has all the right ingredients to become my instant favorite video of 2013. I don’t know about you, but I love sexploitation movies from the ’70s, a time before porn when showing the bare torso of a woman on camera was still considered transgressive.

Nowadays, you have boobs flopping around on every other mainstream or indie pop music video and, outside of a handful of people, nobody makes a big scandal about it. But back then, in the times even before VHS, when you had to actually go to the movie theater to see this, catching a glimpse of a nipple on the screen was like finding the Holy Grail.

In Mexico they called these movies “Cine de Ficheras,” but we’d rather call it Mexploitation. Most of them followed pretty much the same predictable formula that included a formerly innocent girl getting in some sort of trouble while working in a cabaret. Surprisingly, the supreme queen of this niche genre was Lyn May, a Mexicana of Chinese descent.

Marcelo C., Mexicano by way of New York, is also a huge fan of this golden era of bad cinema and with his new project, P3culiar, he decided to pay homage to the genre and all its clichés with the video for his first single, “Menea.” Part of an upcoming album, produced by Kinky‘s Ulises Lozano, this promising P3culiar debut includes a guest appearance by rapper Cakes Da Killa on the verses, footage worthy of a Tarantino flick (well done Angelita!), and yes, plenty of boobs.

[insert-video youtube=NaejDilI77w]

Download P3culiar’s Menea below: