VIDEO: Palenke Soultribe – "Blanco & Negro" [COL]

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Earlier this year we featured Palenke Soultribe‘s first video single off Mar, their latest album, and it was mind-blowing but it also felt kinda random, taking their characteristic Afro-Colombian electro sound completely out of context.

For their second single they went in a more obvious route and they saved money in CGI, shooting the whole video in location in Cartagena, Colombia, with real people from the streets. And it worked out great!

“Blanco & Negro” (featuring vocals and accordion by Macondo and Mr Vallenato respectively) is an irresistible party tune and the video follows the love story between two kids and a magic accordion (Los Viajes Del Viento reference?) at a street party, Caribbean style. Well done.

[insert-video youtube=jLTu5zxRSMg]