Video: Pamela Rodríguez's "No Quiero Hacerme Mayor" (Tom Waits Cover) [PER]

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It’s been a banner year for covers, so let’s keep it going. Last week we touted Tom Waits’ Cantinflas penchant in our Borderline Latin column, but Perú’s Pamela Rodríguez took his Latino-ness a step further by translating “I don’t wanna grow up” and releasing it as “No Quiero Hacerme Mayor.” With it comes this home-video-style music video, replete with tons of dandy hats Mr. Waits would certainly approve of. It’s not directed by Jim Jarmusch, but, hey, the universe can’t be perfect all the time.

Directed by Lupus Canis of Kanaku y El Tigre with nothing more than an iPhone.

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