Video: Pato Machete's "Soy"

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Los compas over at Happy-Fi are at it again. Bringing us the best of indie in Mexico, from Quiero Club to folkish pop Niña. Happy-Fi is branching out into new waters, with agit-hop Pato Machete. Not your traditional looking rapper. This long-haired hipster is showing chest and wearing those dangling necklaces with all the sophistication of an alcoholic vagabond. Pato Machete’s lyrics are just as wandering — trailing identity and assault. His flow is vulnerable yet his voice is as hard hitting as any thug reppin’ the hood. But don’t get it twisted, Pato Machete’s bravado sound is old-school meets middle class socialite. This Monterrey, Nuevo León MC is an original member of the world renown group, Control Machete. Since his 2008 solo premier Contrabanda, he’s been busy touring the world and hitting up major festivals like Vive Latino among the ranks. The single “Soy” comes from his latest album Volumen 33 on Happy-Fi where he’s working diligently with the likes of d3NdRON and all those other monkey-mugs.

[insert-video youtube=yyKhf0yYfmI]