Video: Paul Marmota's Drool-Worthy "Yohimbe" [CHL/MEX]

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Paul Marmota really wants you to get a chubby (or whatever the female version of one is). The new video from the Chile-by-way-of-Mexico EDM producer is all about sexiness, with multiracial female epidermis in abundance.

The song, “Yohimbe,” was included in a tribal digital compilation released a few years ago by Cargo Collective but the freshly uploaded video forces us to revisit, and drool.

Side note: Yohimbe, in case you didn’t know, is a tree bark that supposedly treats erectile disfunction, hence my opening statement. I didn’t know that (of course not! I don’t need such a thing!) until I googled it, so there, I saved you the embarrassment of having that in your search history.

Anyway, if you’re interested in purchasing the track, it’s available at Juno.

[insert-video youtube=vo20VNijxxs]