Video: Picadillo's "Mango Tree" [GLOBAL]

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The members of Picadillo must have known what they were getting into when they chose their band name. Anyone claiming the title of a popular dish featuring minced meat and varying veggies knows they have lots to live up to. And…they manage to do just that!

In this clip, the band plays a live version of “Mango Tree” on radio show Un Lugar Llamado Mundo. In just over three minutes, the band illustrates its musical picadillo with a tune that’s equal parts jazz (complete with scat!) and dixie (minus the racism) in English and Spanish. Curious listeners who further delve into the group’s discography will also discover plenty of guajira, soul, bolero, and much more, all of it chopped up together for a dish I’ll gladly eat morning, noon, and night.

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