Video: Pipe Llorens' "Entrégate Ya" [MEX]

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So given the market’s current over-saturation of Hipster Hop, I wasn’t exactly ecstatic about Pipe Llorens‘ new shoot-it-yourself video, which features a cadre of presumably fucked-up women swirling around a living room for four minutes. I can’t be the only one with a case of déjà vu here. But any video that opens with a box of Crusli can guarantee at least 30 seconds of my attention. And speaking of easter eggs, could that embroidered Letterman be a thinly-disguised nod to “El Sol” himself? Cause that title sure seems familiar.

Imagery aside, “Entregate Ya” finds Pipe in top form, with smooth-as-fuck pad work and the sort of dry wit we’ve come to expect from Torreón’s finest singer-songrapper. Of course, such top-notch production is to be expected when you have Mauricio Garza (of Cartel de Santa/Zoe/Timbiriche fame) helming the production. The song is the first single off his upcoming LP, Amor, Envidia y Pastillas, which is due out some time in March.

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