Video: Poncho – “Take My Hand”

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The past few years saw the rise of alternative latino music in Chile thanks to a number of stars such as Ana Tijoux, Astro, and Adrianigual. The same can now be said of Argentina thanks to artists such as Poncho.

Poncho, as you may remember, is an Argentinian trio featuring Javier Zuker, Leandro Lopatin, and Fabian Picciano who are really damn good at channeling 80’s British new wave, pop, and dance. Their latest single/video, “Take My Hand” is no different what with its New Orderish bassline and robot vocals.

The video itself, when not romping through the streets of Buenos Aires, is a tribute to that overused special effect of yesteryear: the blue screen. The artists’ heads float in blue liquid like the salvaged heads of celebrities in Futurama. It’s 80’s, it’s fun yet it’s not horribly kitsch. How can that be?!

[insert-video youtube=UaLj8PhrZ3k]