Video: Poncho's "Una Buena Decisión" ft. Chano [ARG]

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Argentines can’t seem to get over the fact that they can claim the current Pope as theirs. The rest of the world moved on, but in Argentina not a day goes by without the news referring to the Argentinehood of god’s ambassador on Earth, in the form of memes or in pseudo-Latin catch phrases that start with “habemus…”

I don’t know for sure if this had anything to do with the selection of a cardinal and a rabbi as main and only characters for Poncho‘s latest video, but since the song’s lyrics have absolutely nothing to do with anything remotely religious, I’m gonna go with that.

Either that, or whoever did this crazy, nonsensical clip, was pouring some laced (holy) water on their mate.

[insert-video youtube=ev6piBUXlo8]

Download Poncho’s Carnaval below: