Video: Poncho's "Zambala" [ARG]

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Poncho’s latest video is as enigmatic as the one with the bishop and the rabbi. I can’t really tell if it’s just random, or abstract, or there’s some hidden message that I’m too dumb to understand. My guess is that they just don’t care much about making visual sense and they’re having fun confusing us.

One thing I noticed is that, just like in the video for “Una Buena Decisión,” it only features older people. In this particular case, a woman who’s chased by automated muscle cars, a woman who was probably hot back in the time muscle cars were cool. I don’t know if there’s some commentary there. After all, the Poncho guys are like the grandpas of the whole Buenos Aires EDM scene, in a sense.

[insert-video youtube=Xd77PBLI5Q8]