Video: Poncho's "Please Me" (ft. Maxi Trusso)

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This is the end of summer. The last haul for all you Chicago and New York hibernators (you LA and Miami sons and daughters of sun, just go lay on a beach and ignore this one). As the cool winds approach and you start wondering ’bout your back to school dramas and where the best New Years Eve party might be, you listen to this jam on your computer and dance pleasantly alone in your room. Maybe you’ll forget this track for a couple months until it pops up in you’re ipod on a dreary, slush and traffic day as you sit on the bus waiting to go to work, and smile, tapping your feet, content with existance for a few moments. Life dredges on and as the bells toll midnight, “Please Me” by Poncho starts to play, you turn and there he is, maybe that ex you spent a year running from or the future love of or life. It doesn’t matter how he is, just a New Years eve kick. You lock eyes and kiss, long and deep.

“Please Me,” by Poncho is one of those tracks that sticks. There’s something in the drizzled synth rapid opener that harps back to our 80’s youth and a harrowing Bowie-esque flamboyance to the vocals that make this the a definite party popper.

[insert-video youtube=GqqwIE6WKkc]