Video: Prehistöricos' "Que suba el momento" [CHL]

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It’s been months since Chilean band Prehistöricos gave us a taste of their forthcoming (and delayed) new album, Nuestro día vendrá. Seven months, to be precise. And it was the awesome “Con tu cuerpo el huracán,” produced by Milton Mahan from Dënver (diéresis alert!) and its cameo-filled music video. And if you thought that song was an indication of their change to a fuller, bigger sound, wait until you hear this one.

Que suba el momento” is a full-on pop tune, miles away from their older releases. You can even dance to it! But it preserves some of their signature melancholy, more perceptible in the lyrics and on the slower tempo break in the mid-section. As for the video, it features a couple having fun outdoors, doing things like washing their hair in the river or having a pretend burial on a beach. They are young, they are in love, and they can do anything.

Watch the video, directed by the band and Francisco Jullian, below:

[insert-video youtube=MGB50e_7iCg]