Video Premiere: Mr. Pauer’s “Dare” [USA]

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It seems that every time I wonder where Mr. Pauer has disappeared to, he reappears with a new track or concert. And once again, just a few days ago, I thought about what happened to this dude thanks to a recommendation on Spotify. And wouldn’t you know it…Pauer is back with a new track and video.

The man born Toto González has been busy working on his second album, titled Orange, which will hopefully be out later this year. “Dare” is the lead single and it’s one sexy number, what with its laid back beat and beautiful vocal work from Ana & Maye Osorio.

The press release states that Pauer went for a vibe “reminiscent of incense smoke rising in the air.” And it’s 100% accurate. Just add a late sunset at the beach and we’re good to go.