Video Premiere: 424'S "GALA" [C.R.]

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424 is a new inductee into the Hall of Costa Rican Bands We Like. But unlike many of the prog rockers and shoegazers we fancy over there, 424 is a bit more streamlined, more affected than disenchanted. The San José foursome—Felipe Pérez, Guayo Mena, Juan Carlos Pardo, and Leonardo Valverde—released their debut LP a year ago (ORO, 2012), but if you didn’t hear them then you can see them now, with some help from proven director Tino de la Huerta (the guy behind this beauty). “Gala” features a red-headed lady (wearing really great outfits) and band members looking confused and sad. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what’s going on. Below is the U.S. premiere of “Gala.”

[insert-video youtube=ChT-F1db_hw]