Video Premiere: Adrianigual’s “Sudamérica"

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Today we have the world premiere of Adrianigual’s much-anticipated video for Exito Mundial track, “Sudamérica.” Filmed during the summer (that’s Chile’s summer, not ours) and directed by Begoña Mercedes Ortúzar and Adrianigual frontman Diego Adrián, “Sudamérica” starts off in full Blair Witch aesthetic, as Diego frames himself all beady-eyed and disheveled. The video takes us on a trip to Las Ventanas, a beach town in Valparaíso known as much for its tourism as its interest in copper. We get clashing images of nature and industry, conservation and capitalism, all coming together in one location. The presence of children only magnifies the contradiction and the long-standing problem: what kind of world are they growing up in? Is this the Sudamérica we hoped for? In the end there are no answers, just a promise: “Nos quedamos los precisos, nos ponemos a bailar.”

Watch the world premiere of Adrianigual’s “Sudamérica” off Exito Mundial (produced by Alex Anwandter) and pay attention at the 2:06 mark because that little nugget is The Best Thing Ever.

[insert-video youtube=i9Sih71047U]

Download Adrianigual’s Exito Mundial below: