Video Premiere: Camila Moreno's "El Amor A Hierbas Salvajes" [CHL]

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Camila Moreno‘s latest video feels like a manifesto. “El amor a hierbas salvajes” confidently flashes by, cycling through the many positions of Moreno’s morphing body. It feels like an artist’s statement and Moreno, through this video, seems to be stating the importance of the visual to her overall project and identity. And, because you can always count on a Camila Moreno song to go absolutely bat-shit bonkers, the video spins out of control and teeters off, leaving us both charmed and rattled. Directed by Cristobal León and Joaquín Cociña, watch the exclusive premiere of Camila Moreno’s “El amor a hierbas salvajes,” off Panal.

[insert-video youtube=APYfPV6OS7E]

Download Camila Moreno’s Panal below: