Video Premiere: Diamante Eléctrico’s “Desenfunda El Corazón” [COL]

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We recently fell in love with Colombian blues-rock trio Diamante Eléctrico. The group—featuring Juan Galeano, Daniel Alvarez, and Andee Zeta—tickled our collective music bones with their churning rock tunes à la Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Them Crooked Vultures.

The group is back on these, err, pages thanks to the release of their newest video for their song “Desenfunda El Corazón.” The song is the mellowest one on the album. It’s less rock and/or roll, what with the leather jackets and the head banging one’s face into the amplifier, and more chill and introspective, like a late-night drive back home in your vintage Camaro thinkin’ ‘bout all them things that just went down with your ex when you bumped into each other at the show.

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