Video Premiere: Ella Y El Muerto’s “Naturalmente” [MEX]

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Technically speaking, this is a music video. Conceptually speaking, this is not a music video.

You see, Esteban Calderón is mainly a camera guy of the still, single-lens reflex variety. In fact, he has a really great career as a portrait and fashion photographer to prove it. For this project, however, he decided to try an experiment with Camila Sodi: to bring his still photographs to life. What would one of his portraits look like in motion? The end result is Ella Y El Muerto’s “Naturalmente,” which Calderón created with the assistance of Nini Blanco and Mint Photo Studio.

In under two minutes, Sodi appears on camera in black and white (colors that Calderón believes reveal the soul of the subject) in a variety of outfits, poses, etc. Watch carefully and you’ll catch the exact moment when a guy like Calderón would most likely push the shutter button during each pose. Or, perhaps, you as the viewer can play the role of photographer and pause the action and have your own photoshoot.

[insert-video vimeo=85203810]

Download Ella y el Muerto’s Ella y el Muerto below: