Video Premiere: Favi Estrella "Sueño" feat. Monk + Free Download [USA]

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Soon it’s not gonna be necessary to keep referring to Favi Estrella as the chorus girl that all Latino rappers want featured on their tracks. She’s reaching that point when she’s becoming a legit solo artist and now she can return the favor to the hip-hop community by inviting up-and-coming MCs as guests on her own tracks.

However, for the masses she’s still mainly known as the girl who lent that unforgettable hook to Los Rakas’ biggest hit and, more recently, did her thing on one of our favorite songs of 2013.

The bilingual, San Francisco-loving singer with roots in Andalucía is dreaming big and wants her dream to become her reality. Hopefully, the release of her upcoming album, Flor De Azhar II, will make this happen. Here we have her, half in her grandfather’s birth-place, Almería, half in her own birth-place, San Francisco’s Mission District, evoking Calderon de la Barca’s poem “Esta vida es un sueño” on a dreamy beat produced by Stylo.

[insert-video youtube=HQkpUmtp2xU]