Video Premiere: Icaro del Sol’s “Insecto” [CHL]

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Forget about the History Channel because we’ve got the best documentary about ’80s pop culture right here! Our friends from Icaro del Sol, a.k.a. Sebastián Valenzuela and Francisco Soto, are back with a new video and single that will leave Calvin Harris drooling over the duo’s love of everything bright and ill fitting.

Icaro del Sol hails from Santiago, Chile, the land of delicious retro-pop. “Insecto” is their latest gem and will appear on the band’s currently untitled album, scheduled for release at the end of the year.

For everyone born after 1989: YES, this is exactly what happened between 1980 and 1989. We all rocked out to black cassette tapes in fat boom boxes. We all wore neon-colored clothing and spandex daily while jamming out on a sweet keytar (the keyboard/guitar hybrid). And yes, everyone knew how to breakdance and pop-lock just like the amazing dancers in this video. All that’s missing is a piano tie!

[insert-video youtube=uhz7mVB76Go]