Video Premiere: La Banda Municipal del Polo Norte's "Bailando Mal" [ESP]

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Marcos Hassan. @Kiddieriot

These Barcelona-based indie miscreants are bringing us their third album titled Calor and its first single and video, “Bailando mal.” Needless to say, it’s a complete riot of a party.

“Bailando mal” incorporates dancey post-punk and eighties-inspired pop melodies. There are sharp and funky guitars, synths and horns. Above all, the song is catchy as hell and infectious as diphtheria. In short, it has everything you’d want from a good time of a tune.

The video, made by Malditos Produce is an example of the song’s title. “How can you dance badly?,” you might ask yourself and, in lieu of a straight answer, we get freaks and geeks showing their sweetest moves on the floor. Among the participants are a hot girl on a mechanical bull, a guy doing what looks like a cross between interpretative dancing and doing the robot; and a group in spandex that becomes a neon-and-blacklit colored troupe. The band appears in the clip, donning flashy costumes while playing for the individuals getting their groove on.

“Bailando mal” and the rest of the songs are not the only things to look forward when purchasing Calor. The cover of the CD is all white; and to reveal the artwork you must burn it with a lighter or a match. Cool, huh?

Here’s the video for your enjoyment:

[insert-video youtube=-6YIOyvl-Oc]