Video Premiere: La Mecánica Popular’s “La Paz del Freak" [USA]

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La Mecánica Popular epitomize the spirit of salsa: a mixture of instruments and influences from all over Latin America, brought together by the concrete jungle that is New York City and remade into something beautiful, unifying, and satisfyingly danceable. Every sound coming from their instruments is heartfelt, ingenious, soul moving, and pretty damn catchy. This is why we’re pleased to premiere the psychedelic salsa octet’s first video, “La Paz del Freak.”

Introduced by a piano part and percussion (right on clave) that could’ve made anyone over at Fania Records proud, “La Paz del Freak” follows lead singer Efraín Rozas through recognizable landmarks of the Williamsburg and Bushwick neighborhoods, including the super-old-school Latin Social Club. The man is on a mission from the gods: to get to the bar, hang out with his band, play some sick tunes, and slay at dominoes. Was it a capicú? A chuchazo? I don’t think anyone cares, because the bottom line is that La Mecánica Popular started the party with their psychedelic-salsa-meets-’70s-barrio sound and no one ever stopped dancing. Everyone from abuelas to the vecindario kids are absorbing the band’s laid-back synths and syncopated rhythms.

Directed by Matthias Roeckl, the video was filmed during La Mecánica Popular’s live performance at Ditmas Park’s Sycamore Bar and showcases the band’s amazing musicianship and the lively mixture of cultures that’s been a staple of the neighborhood for so many years. This is the first single off their self-titled debut, which will be released worldwide by Brooklyn label Names You Can Trust.

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