Video Premiere: La MiniTK Del Miedo’s “Yo Te Quiero Calavera” [COL]

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Before Al Jourgensen and the dudes in Ministry were all industrial metal with the sounds of clanging steel, quadruple kick drums, and chainsaws-doubling-as-guitars, they were Al Jourgensen and Ministry being all ’80s darkwave pop (re: “Everyday Is Halloween”). The musicians that make up Colombian group La MiniTK Del Miedo manage to fall somewhere in between the two forms of Ministry: the intensity of post-80s Ministry with the darkwave sounds and pop instruments of ’80s Ministry.

The group’s first single, “Yo Te Quiero Calavera,” is some visually and aurally creepy stuff. The video was shot by the creative kiddos at NODOLAB at La Calera, a small town near Bogotá. The town is probably a quiet, peaceful place but you wouldn’t know it based on this video. It’s all grainy, damaged VHS footage of people in masks doing lord-knows-what in empty fields and shacks. As if that wasn’t spooky enough, the band’s goathead-looking logo pops up at the end. Keep the rosary nearby before you watch this one.

[insert-video youtube=prpQsGz1BkA]