Video Premiere: Mi Reyna's “Qué Más Da” [MEX]

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As much as we love to go all out for summer, what with the beach blanket bingo, the barely-there bikinis, the chelas en hielo, and the late nights, sometimes we also like to tone it down in order to avoid any of the shenanigans, like the one that occurred at the US Open at Huntington Beach this past weekend. The new single by Mi Reyna provides us with a wonderful reminder to tone it down and relax.

Mi Reyna is a sextet from Mexico City, featuring singer Marcia Valverde, singer/guitarist/pianist Estefanía Áreas, keyboardist Chac Alejo, bassist/guitarist Fernando Díaz, drummer/percussionist Marc Castro, and guitarist Fernando Llanos. That lineup is subject to change at any time as the music dictates; such is the free-spirited nature of the group.

Qué Más Da” is the second single from their forthcoming sophomore effort, Venga A Nosotros Mi Reyna, which is one of the best play on album titles/band names we’ve seen in a while. The video by director Jessica Rangel is very straightforward: shots of the band performing the acoustic tune near the highway from Mexico City to Cuernavaca. A song as captivating in its gentleness such as this one needs no gimmicks.

[insert-video vimeo=71432281]