Video Premiere: Sergent García's "Meme Si"

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Last summer El Sargento came to visit us and toured extensively the West Coast promoting his latest album, Una y Otra Vez (Cumbancha, 2011). During his spare time, between gigs, the prolific French mestizo artist grabbed a camera and shot this video at the famous Venice Beach’s Ocean Front Walk.

“Meme Si” is a French reggae track (although there are some verses in Spanish too) and it’s the fourth video to come out of that same album after “Yo Soy Salsamuffin,” “Mi Son My Friend” and “Acho Bai Bai.” It’s also the first one that wasn’t shot in Colombia (the country where he’s been borrowing most of his inspiration lately).

On April 22nd, Sergent García will be crossing the Atlantic once again for a US tour, but before that they are announcing the release of yet another video! I guess there will be still nine tracks left from that album of which he could be planning to shoot videos during this 2013 tour, so if you see him or his crew with a camera during this upcoming visit to the US don’t be surprised and smile to the camera, you could be in his next video.

[insert-video youtube=5uLHdyQFqS0]