Video: Puerquerama’s “Sal del Closet” [MEX]

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Since early 2012, the Toluca natives have been making the rounds all over Mexico promoting Gente Come Gente: a whopper of a record where they take on everything and everyone from hipster anarchists to yuppies and politicians, Puerquerama style. Their irreverence and take-no-prisoners approach have garnered them a cult following in their country and beyond (myself included). Now, they’ve released a new video for yet another kick-ass single, “Sal del Closet.”

I know the title of the track carries a plethora of connotations but, in Puerquerama’s case, the song has nothing to do with sexuality. “Sal del Closet” is a punk-rock gem urging listeners to take off the fake suit, live the life they want to live, and (maybe) try to make the world a little better by being honest with themselves and each other. The video features footage of the band-–sometimes donning their signature pig masks—performing in front of various audiences in all their raunchy, shirtless, sweaty glory.

There’s not much more than the footage; which is what makes this entire video extra special. They’re practicing exactly what they preach. So check out their super fun performances and stay until the end so you can hear the frontman hand out some of the best unsolicited advice ever.

[insert-video youtube=tBO3bl6ICsY]