Video: Quantic's "Duvidó" ft. Pongolove [GLOBAL]

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Quantic has been keeping himself extra busy with all his side-projects: playing analog cumbia with Los Míticos del Ritmo; dubby, tropical reggae with Flowering Inferno; paying tribute to Colombian roots with Ondatrópica; producing British soul diva Alice Russell; and covering hip-hop classics with Ana Tijoux. What he hasn’t done in a while is put out a solo album.

Magnética, scheduled to drop on May 5th, will be the first album signed simply as Quantic, since 2006.

The British-born, adopted Colombian, multifaceted producer is by far our favorite honorary Latino and judging by the first single off his upcoming release, there’re going to be plenty of Latin influences in his new work. “Duvidó” is a collaboration he did with Angolan kuduro artist Pongolove, that reminds us a lot of Batida. The Portuguese lyrics contrast with the colorful footage of Northern Colombia’s carnaval but it all fits in the globalist, pantropical worldview of Quantic.

[insert-video youtube=JqYtyb9iERk]