Video: Quiero Club's "El Techo es el Suelo"

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Quiero Club have a knack for making creative music videos to accompany their indie pop jams. We’ve seen them puke gallons and gallons of colored milk and now we get another textured pop fantasy, tinged with a bit of horror. The music video for “El Techo es el Suelo,” off their album of the same name, follows members of the band getting uncomfortably stared at and attacked by a man in a gimp suit powered by TV static. This dude is like a cross between the Angel of Death and the Rubber Suit guy from American Horror Story. Pretty creepy. And at one point, we see our very own Remezcla columnist Marcela Viejo passing out after drinking bad milk. Prequel to “Cuentos,” much? The album is already out and you can check out the music video for “El Techo es el Suelo” directed by Memo Garza below.

[insert-video youtube=yfosq2P6Lko]

Download Quiero Club’s El Techo es el Suelo below: