Video: Rafi eL's "Dolor" [USA]

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Things we’ve learned from pretty much every single post-apocalyptic Hollywood movie released during the ’80s:

1. The air and water are polluted. Bring along a gas mask.
2. There’s a lot of graffiti, everywhere.
3. All girls are hot, dressed in sexy outfits that display plenty of epidermis, wear make-up, and somehow manage to keep up in perfect shape.

Rafi eL is from my generation. He probably grew up watching those same movies that marked my childhood, so he grabbed all those B-movie clichés, added some tribal rituals involving an S&M contraption, bilingual lyrics, a lot of auto-tune, and, voliá, his third video: “Dolor.”

[insert-video youtube=fXKE1_tR80M]

Download Rafi El’s “Dolor” below: