Video: Rafi El’s “Senda” [USA]

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A few months ago (actually, right on my birthday!), L.A.-based musician Rafi El dropped a wonderful bomb on us in the form of a Spanish-language cover of Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough.” The track was beautiful but not the best preview of his upcoming debut album Ay De Mí.

So what does Rafi do? He drops another bomb this week by releasing another video of one of his original compositions. “Senda,” by director Edson Amaya, finds Rafi washing up on a shore in El Salvador. Now, in a situation like this, my first instinct would be to find out where I’m at, plus maybe some food and temporary shelter until the rescue boat arrives. Not Rafi! Instead, he gathers some sticks and coconuts and starts building instruments. The result? A playful tropical/electronic jam with wanderlust-ful lyrics in English and Español.

[insert-video youtube=QtLjqxoQ8tk]