Video: Raggabund's "Luchando y Cantando" ft. Captain Planet, Clan Urbano & Sarmiento [GLOBAL]

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Raggabund are Paco Mendoza and Don Caramelo, two South American brothers (born in Argentina to Peruvian and Paraguayan parents) who live in Berlin, Germany, and play mestizo reggae en español.

If that’s not global enough for you, they hooked up on this new track with Spain’s Sarmiento and Peru’s Clan Urbano to do some ragga toasting with positive, uplifting lyrics over a riddim provided by Mr. Global Dance Fusion himself, Los Angeles’ Captain Planet. Oh, and they shot the video in Lima, Peru!

After Captain Planet remixed Ana Tijoux’s “Shock” a few years ago, I’ve been impatiently waiting for him to do more work with Spanish-speaking artists. I say keep ’em coming Oh Captain, My Captain! Let the intercontinental reggae good vibes take over.

[insert-video youtube=GLcaWzblGjo]