VIDEO: Rapper Alvaro Diaz Talks Fashion, Jevas, and How to Beat the Hypebeasts

Photo: White Monkey Films

Cultura Dura is a Remezcla and Mike’s HARDER content and event series highlighting emerging Latin urban culture. We’ll be exploring scenes that haven’t really gotten any coverage anywhere else – from block parties and street art to underground sports and raw, young artists making movements pa’ la calle.

When we heard Boricua rapper Alvaro Díaz drop Alexander McQueen and Fujiwara references in the same breath on his track SuperXclusivo, we figured the kid had more than a passing interest in clothes. Turns out we were right — before he was making music, Díaz was working at Puerto Rico’s first streetwear/lifestyle store Treats, where he was schooled on the finer things in fashion. In the video below, we talked to Alvaro about his favorite streetwear and high end brands, how to stand out amongst the hypebeasts, and what kind of gifts make a girlfriend a keeper (ojo chicas).