Video: Rebel Díaz's "I'm an Alien" [CHL]

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If you’re old enough, you might remember Sting‘s 1987 smash-hit “Englishman In New York.” If you’re not that old, then you might still be familiar with the tune since, well, it’s been sampled and covered like a zillion times. There’s pretty much one for every nationality. You have Venezuelan in New York, Jamaican in New York, African in New York, and then there’s the universal unity anthem by The Black Eyed Peas, of course.

Well, Rebel Díaz could’ve done Chilean in New York, but instead, he used Sting’s classic composition to express his views about immigration and did a video that almost plays like a sequel to La Santa Cecilia‘s “El Hielo.

[insert-video youtube=IbXHJPWvOg8]