Video: Rebolledo's "Surf Smurf" [MEX]

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So get this: party beast, DJ, and occasional funnyman Rebolledo, from Pachanga Boys, got together with Munk from Gomma Records to release a song, though each of them has his own slightly different version. The song is called “Surf Smurf.” It starts with a soft base of surf rock undertones, with deep and heavy notes of dub in Rebolledo’s version, and a shiny dose of house on Munk’s side.

Hailing from Mexico, Rebolledo has traveled his country from Veracruz to Monterrey—where he first started performing and still performs occasionally—to Playa del Carmen and back to Monterrey again. But enough with these biographical facts: check out “Surf Smurf,” Rebolledo’s version, and take in all those filtered and unfiltered images in the video. It’s wet. It features a monkey. You’re going to like it.

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