Video: Roy Valentín’s “No Sé” [VEN]

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There’s always something magical about sharing headphones-–or just listening to the same song at the same time on different devices—that kind of defines the whole collective experience of listening: having different reactions to the same song or sharing different feelings. Or maybe it’s all just about dancing together. Either way, it brings us all a bit closer. In his newly released video for the track “No Sé,” Roy Valentín, in all his punk, lo-fi glory, explores the concept of shared listening by allowing us to walk through the city with a slew of fashionably dressed girls, sharing head phones and furiously dancing to the track.

It’s a pretty simple video, which uses almost exclusively medium close ups and long shots, that shows us the whimsical side of life. It’s a super sunny day where everyone is enjoying life in their own way, a pretty simple thing that can be incredibly hard to achieve in real life. It’s as minimalist as Roy Valentín’s music. Check out the video below and, if it tickles your fancy, download the whole record, Crónica over at Entorno Doméstico.

[insert-video youtube=M5aFyUW-Vvc]