Video: Sante Les Amis' "Brasil" [URU]

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They have a French name, they’re from Uruguay, and they sing in Spanish about Brazil. Well, to be fair, “Brasil” is just the name of the song, the lyrics don’t even mention their big neighbor-to-the-north, but the funk disco beat has some evident samba influences in it.

“Brasil” was included in the band’s latest album, Sudamericana, released in February 2012 and exactly two years later, voilá, the video arrived.

Sante Les Amis also has a free collection of remixes and covers of Sudamericana that they’re giving away on their Web site and it includes a version of “Brasil” done by Argentina’s Onda Vaga, totally reimagined without all that funky, dance-floor-igniting goodness. Surprisingly, it’s still a great track.

[insert-video youtube=j6ZsqBqkQ-0]